AYV Media Empire is always in search of home-grown external contents as we push to promote local talents in and out of Sierra Leone.

AYV Media Empire respects the rights of owners of any information or material which shall include but not be limited to concepts, formats, television show pitches, scripts, suggestions, treatments, ideas or any other material or information whether solicited or unsolicited. Therefore, any similarity between such content or information and any element in any of AYV Media Empire’s creative work or production shall be purely coincidental.
However, if you have a completed television and/or radio programme, series or film (that has been produced and edited) that you would like AYV Media Empire to consider, you may submit such materials to AYV Media Empire but you shall acknowledge and agree to the AYV Media Empire’s Submission Policy.
We will not be able to read or acknowledge your submission without a completed and signed Submission Form.
Without the completed form, your submission will be discarded.
Submissions should be delivered to AYV Media Empire office in Freetown”.